Influenced by femme fatales from Luc Besson and reminiscent of interpretive films from David Lynch, Kevin James Barry’s unconventional arthouse-meets-action film exposes the gritty consequences of life’s choices, and challenges audiences to draw their own conclusions on what is real, what is dream and what is a life never lived.


Delve into the mind and of a young girl where the fine line between barely living and nearly dying is obscured into a harsh reality. A plan to rewrite the past. A mission to preserve our present world. As the odds turn against her, Serena Donovan (Evalena Marie, Steve Niles's REMAINS), a trained contract killer, is forced to piece together the puzzle of who she can trust. Buried beneath the weight of her conscience and the unrelenting entrapment of time, she must decide if the only world she’s ever known is even worth saving.